The Environment

We are committed to promoting conservation and inspiring the next generation of environmental stewards.

Northrop Grumman’s Technology for Conservation

Northrop Grumman’s Technology for Conservation (T4C) innovation projects are a unique way to build on the company’s emphasis of environmental sustainability, evolve our partnerships with conservation organizations and provide new opportunities for employees. By combining the expertise of Northrop Grumman engineers with the conservation organizations’ knowledge of Earth’s ecosystems, these projects are able to leverage the best of today’s technologies to enhance and scale conservation programs.

Our employee resource group, greeNG, is dedicated to environmental stewardship both within the company and in our local communities. In partnership with local non-profits, greeNG members lead clean-ups of beaches, parks and waterways, as well as removal of invasive species.

For more information on how Northrop Grumman is actively working to minimize the environmental footprint of our operations, visit our Environmental Sustainability page.