Our Commitment to STEM Education

Northrop Grumman designs and manufactures some of the world’s most advanced technologies. Our world is facing critical shortages in the number of students who have an interest in STEM careers. To maintain excellence in innovation, it is imperative that we increase students’ abilities and interest in STEM. We have made it a top priority to help develop a diverse workforce through strategic STEM education programs and initiatives that align with the company’s future need for talent.

Our strategy focuses on workforce readiness for students who are underserved in STEM globally. We maintain strong partnerships with organizations and institutions focused on engineering and technology-based experiences designed to excite, engage, and educate students from middle school through college and university.

STEM literacy and quality education play a critical role in students’ likeliness to pursue STEM careers. We recognize the important role teachers play in developing critical skills and laying the foundation for future success. To that end, we support teacher professional development programs that help increase their competency in teaching STEM subjects, with a focus on those that align with the company’s core disciplines. By exposing educators to strategic learning opportunities, they are better prepared to demonstrate the connection between curriculum and exciting STEM careers.

To reduce disparities in K-12 STEM education for underrepresented students, we set a goal to provide 5,000,000 STEM experiences annually through formal and informal programming and teacher professional development. We also established an education equity goal to dedicate a minimum of 50% of our education funding to resources or programs that support social justice through diversity, equity and inclusion.




Select Education Outreach Initiatives, Partners and Programs