Environmental Remediation

Program Overview

The focus of Environmental Remediation is to bring projects to closure in an efficient and effective manner, with the lowest risk to the environment. Given this emphasis, the function has employed various tools, processes and methodologies to increase efficiencies, limit risks and reduce redundancies and is managed by well qualified, highly experienced environmental professionals.


The primary goals of the Environmental Remediation function include:

  • Effectively addressing environmentally-impacted properties in compliance with applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Seeking cost-effective alternatives to traditional resource-intensive remediation practices, which reduce environmental disturbance and energy use, and promoting ecosystem recovery.
  • Working cooperatively with government agencies, conservation groups, citizen groups and other stakeholders to address environmental impacts at remediation sites, while protecting human health.


In 2016, Environmental Remediation was involved in 170 remediation projects with an annual budget of $52 million. From 2006 to 2016, restoration was successfully completed at 80 sites and each project was removed from the company’s portfolio of impacted properties. During the same decade, $44 million in life-cycle cost reductions was accomplished by using innovative engineering approaches and continuous improvement processes through self-inspections and independent third-party reviews.

Environmental Remediation Program Spotlight: James’ Story

A large part of my job is addressing contaminated groundwater zones in San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles. The project principally consists of building a water treatment system that will capture the contaminated groundwater, treat it and distribute it to the local community for drinking water use. Because I worked as a consultant engineer for a number of years before joining Northrop Grumman, I can leverage my previous background in design and construction for use on this project, as well as my experience meeting and working with stakeholders and the local community.

Once complete, the system will treat 5 square miles of groundwater contamination and produce 2 million gallons of clean drinking water per day. This treated water will provide the San Gabriel Basin a much-needed new water source and enough clean water for 30,000 residents.

In the two-plus years I’ve worked at Northrop Grumman, I have experienced firsthand the company’s empowerment of innovative engineering solutions for the purpose of sustainability and environmental resource conservation. I get to feel that sense of empowerment every day, and I love being able to leverage our resources and being a part of driving the company’s big picture environmental strategy.



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