Meet Ellie, a Graduate Software Engineer with Northrop Grumman in the UK

My name is Ellie and I am a graduate software engineer at Northrop Grumman.

I studied computer science at Cardiff University and I am currently working as graduate software engineer mainly using Java with an interest in project management.

For me, the best thing about working at Northrop Grumman is working for a large company and knowing that we are working towards creating a safer UK.

There is a wide range of different opportunities available in career paths, training etc. and there will always be someone you can relate to and ask for help in any area of the business.

I enjoy the flexibility of working hours on the Graduate programme as I can choose to use hours to upskill in technical areas that you will benefit from in your engineering role, as well as developing soft skills and explore other roles and areas of interest within the business. This time is an opportunity to develop your career in the way you want to, without hindering the work on live projects.

My day-to-day activities at Northrop Grumman are varied and include stand up meetings for my live project, picking up tickets on the JIRA board, afternoon catch up with team on the progress that I have made on projects. My grad hours include following QA tutorials, researching topics, shadowing meetings and discussing roles of the people who have jobs I will interact with or do as a project manager.

My advice to anyone joining the graduate scheme would be to make sure you always ask all the questions you have and take as much as you can from your grad hours in upskilling and working within the areas you have an interest in. Working at Northrop Grumman has been the best opportunity for me so far in my career. I have learned so much, gained great experience, improved technically and worked for a professional company.