Protected: Military Satellite Communications

Military Satellite Communications

The 21st century battlefield demands the kind of global connectivity that only military satellite communications can provide. Thousands of nodes must be networked and share assured, time-critical information through the full spectrum of operations from peacetime to crisis to conflict.

With more than 40 years of on-orbit experience, we have the mission-informed modeling, simulation, and technology to meet, analyze, and overcome emerging threats in space.

We are the Leaders In:
Protected, low probability of intercept and detection, anti-jam satellite communications.

  • Proliferated architectures
  • End-to-end systems engineering
  • Ground systems
  • Bus and payload design, production, and integration
  • Architecture design
A satellite above earth in space


Northrop Grumman’s Protected Tactical SATCOM rapid prototype will give users seamless, near-real time connectivity even in the face of the world’s most sophisticated jamming threats.

For those on the front lines of America’s interests, protected communication with PTS is a matter of turning it on. Northrop Grumman’s Protected Tactical Satcom solution, with its advanced on-board processor, autonomously provides users assured, protected and near-real time communications to sustain operations in the toughest environments. Users can be assured of uninterrupted communications even in the presence of sophisticated jamming threats.

For the forward-deployed operator us, it’s simple: It just works.

AEHF-1 (Advanced Extreme High Frequency) Satellite


This is the one mission where, no matter what, the data must get through. No company can claim more mission expertise in this area than Northrop Grumman. We know what it takes deliver on this no-fail capability. Assured strategic satellite communications is part of the foundation of nuclear deterrence.

Building off our heritage as the mission payload provider for Advanced Extremely High Frequency System, Northrop Grumman is executing a Rapid Prototype contract to develop and build a modernized EHF Extended Data Rate payload. Northrop Grumman also worked with DoD to help define a new, resilient architecture to confront to emerging peer adversary threats.

Next Gen OPIR Polar (NGP)


Northrop Grumman is providing the payload for the Arctic Satellite Broadband Mission (ASBM), a groundbreaking partnership between the U.S. Space Force’s Space Systems Command, Space Norway, and Northrop Grumman extending the constellation that delivers broadband communications to the Northern polar region.

EPS-R facilitates military satellite communications in the high north by providing continuous coverage for secure, jam-resistant, strategic and tactical communications. Northrop Grumman is leveraging nearly every part of our Space enterprise to bring ASBM to fruition, providing the bus (GOEStar), the ground system (Enhanced Polar System Control and Planning Segment) and a critical payload that features the first use of a strategic comms capability on a commercial bus (EPS Recapitalization).

Proliferated Systems

To find out more about how Northrop Grumman defining possible in low-earth orbit, navigate to our Proliferated Systems page here.



First launching in 1994, the legacy MILSTAR Communications Network — a series of advanced satellites, with on-board digital processing, linked to mobile ground terminals — provided assured, protected command and control to U.S. forces worldwide. Milstar satellites functioned as autonomous “switchboards in space,” that allowed users to communicate with each other across the world, at any level of conflict.



The Advanced Extremely High Frequency (AEHF) system provides survivable, protected communications for strategic and tactical warfighter missions across most of the world. As the successor to MILSTAR, the constellation is designed to enable high-level military leaders such as the president, the National Security Council and unified combatant commanders to control strategic and tactical forces, providing joint, interoperable, assured connectivity for warfighters in operations at any level of conflict.

Enhanced Polar System Control and Planning Segment (EPS CAPS)


The Enhanced Polar System (EPS) complements the AEHF system, providing continuous MILSATCOM coverage in the North polar region for survivable, protected communications for strategic and tactical warfighter missions to support peacetime, contingency, homeland defense, humanitarian assistance and wartime operations.

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