Graduate Software Engineer -CI

-to-end solutions to customers in the fields of cyber and non-cyber innovation, R&D, big data, systems architecture and all other manners of software engineering. […]

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Meet Eyon: A Software Engineer in the Pathways Program

Digitized drawing of airplane on blue background

How did you find yourself at Northrop Grumman? I interviewed and was offered a position during the 2019 National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Conference in Detroit. At the time, I had a number of other full time job offers from other aerospace and defense companies, but I decided to join Northrop Grumman based off […]

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Meet Kanavis: Ensuring Quality Over Quantity

The avionics housed inside the aft skirt of the OmegA second stage will monitor the motor during firing. (January 2020)

How did you find your way to Northrop Grumman? I attended a Northrop Grumman job fair in Huntsville, Alabama, where I met an Aeronautics representative who works in Clearfield, Utah. After having a conversation about composite materials he then encouraged me to apply for a Quality Engineering position, and scheduled an interview for the following […]

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