30x113mm Bushmaster® Chain Guns®

Bushmaster Chain Guns

Superior, effective chain guns protecting the warfighter today and beyond.

30x113mm Bushmaster® Chain Guns®

Arming many nations’ superior attack helicopters, ground, and sea platforms; firing 30x113mm advanced ammunition to defeat aerial and ground threats for mission success.

M230 Bushmaster chain gun on Apache-gunship


The M230 is the original medium caliber Chain Gun. With battle-proven performance on the Apache attack helicopter, the M230 delivers efficient and reliable lethality for aviation platforms.

M230 Datasheet
Tank with M230LF Bushmaster Chain Gun


The M230LF brings 30mm lethality to light weight ground platforms, where .50 caliber chain guns are traditionally used, ensuring overmatch on the battlefield.

Firing 30x113mm advanced ammunition, including Proximity ammunition, the M230LF can defeat ground, aerial, and Counter-Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

M230LF Datasheet M230LF Infographic C-UAS Webpage
XM914 Bushmaster Chain Gun on tank


The XM914 is a variant of the M230LF, adopted by the U.S. Army for use on the Initial Maneuver Short-Range Air Defense (IM-SHORAD) program and the Mobile, Low, Slow, Unmanned Aircraft Integrated Defeat System (M-LIDS) program.

XM914 Datasheet


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