30x173mm Bushmaster® Chain Guns®

Bushmaster Chain Guns

Superior, effective chain guns protecting the warfighter today and beyond.

30x173mm Bushmaster® Chain Guns®

Next-generation, battlefield-proven weapons of excellence, firing 30x173mm advanced ammunition.

tank with The Mk44 Bushmaster® Chain Gun® automatic cannon


The Mk44 Bushmaster® Chain Gun® automatic cannon arms ground and naval platforms and is also capable of firing the new Northrop Grumman programmable air burst munitions (Mk310).

Mk44 Datasheet
The Mk44S arms ground and naval platforms

Mk44 Stretch

The Mk44S arms ground and naval platforms with superior overmatch with the ability of firing 30x173mm ammunition and can upgrade to fire 40mm Super Forty Ammunition in the field.

Mk44 Stretch Datasheet Mk44 Stretch Infographic
tank with American flag and Bushmaster chain gun


The XM813 is a variant of the Mk44S, adopted by the U.S. Army for use on the Stryker Dragoon infantry carrier vehicle 30mm Medium Caliber Weapon System program.

XM813 Datasheet
military plane with GAU-23 Bushmaster chain gun


The GAU-23 is the aircraft version of Mk44. It arms the U.S. Air Force AC-130J Ghostrider Gun Ship and U.S. Marine Corps Harvest Hawk.

GAU-23 Datasheet


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