Space Symposium

Space Symposium

April 17–20, 2023

Northrop Grumman at the Space Symposium

Northrop Grumman is a premier provider of space, ground and launch systems with deep mission expertise and end-to-end capabilities in national security, civil, and commercial systems.

As operators in space, it’s our responsibility to be addressing both the needs in space for this generation, while preserving freedom and advancing discovery in space for future generations.

When we talk about defining possible, we’re talking about defining the future of space – from next generation capabilities to future mission requirements and architectures.

We have a clear vision for the future space domain, which is relevant (connected), resilient (multi-layered), and revolutionary (business/technology).

That is why Northrop Grumman is #1 in the space industry.

Come visit us at the 38th annual Space Symposium, at Booth #1101, to learn more about Northrop Grumman’s broad space portfolio.

If you are a member of the media and interested in speaking with a subject matter expert, please contact Sophia Morris and Kate Mauss.

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Northrop Grumman Speakers at Space Symposium:

Sunday, April 16 | 9:10 a.m. MT
Space Generation Fusion Forum Human Spaceflight Panel
Rick Mastracchio, Director of Strategy and Business Development in the Human Space Exploration and Operations Business Unit

Monday, April 17 | 6:30 – 7:15 p.m. MT
Opening Ceremony
Tom Wilson (moderator), Corporate Vice President and Space Systems President
Alyssa Harris (panelist), Senior Principal Systems Engineering Tech Lead

Monday, April 17 | 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. MT
Grand Opening Reception | Northrop Grumman Exhibit Center

Tuesday, April 18 | 11:20 a.m. MT
Space Science Track
Mike Witt, Vice President and Chief Sustainability Officer

Tuesday, April 18 | 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. MT
Corporate Partnership Networking Reception | Northrop Grumman Exhibit Center

Wednesday, April 19 | 3:30 p.m. MT
Game Changers Track | The Race to Reinvent the Space Station
Rick Mastracchio, Director of Strategy and Business Development in the Human Space Exploration and Operations Business Unit

Thursday, April 20 | 11:10 – 12:00 p.m. MT
Combating National Threats with Rapid Space Response
Kurt Eberly, Director of Space Launch

Northrop Grumman Speakers at Space Symposium:

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Sunday, April 16 | 9:10 a.m. MT

Space Generation Fusion Forum Human Spaceflight Panel: Rick Mastracchio, Director of Strategy and Business Development in the Human Space Explo…

space symposium logo

Monday, April 17 | 6:30 – 7:15 p.m. MT

Opening Ceremony: Tom Wilson (moderator), Corporate VP and Space Systems President, Alyssa Harris (panelist), Sr. Principal S…

space symposium logo

Monday, April 17 | 7:30 – 9:00 p.m. MT

Grand Opening Reception | Northrop Grumman Exhibit Center

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An AR Experience Like No Other

Explore the future of satellite servicing with Portals to Space.

Launch Desktop Experience Launch Mobile Experience

Space Made Seamless, From Earth To Orbit and Beyond. That’s Defining Possible.

Building the future space enterprise without disrupting today’s missions requires the foundational experience and trailblazing innovation only Northrop Grumman can offer. We’re uniquely positioned to deliver next-generation capabilities designed for seamless integration with existing systems. From concept to production, launch to integration, and sustainment to mission extension, our balanced solutions help our customers lean forward without falling back.

Mission Extension Vehicle attached to a large satellite orbiting the Earth

Space Mobility and Logistics

SpaceLogistics, a Northrop Grumman company, is the global leader in the development and deployment of in-space satellite servicing systems and the first and only company currently performing on-orbit servicing for commercial satellites in geostationary orbit (GEO). Our second generation of servicing space vehicles currently in development will enable sustainable and resilient satellite networks for our customers.

Learn More Space Mobility and Logistics datasheet SpaceLogistics Announces Launch Agreement with SpaceX and First Mission Extension Pod Contract with Optus
A dark sky with two large satellites orbiting the Earth in outer space

Satellite Communications

Northrop Grumman has decades of experience as a prime contractor, payload, and communication links provider supporting vital national security missions. Our solutions provide a range of customer options from small, low-cost to distributed, resilient constellations.

Our systems engineering, mission engineering and non-traditional acquisition approaches allow us to provide solutions faster while reducing risk to mission and cost.

Satellite Communications datasheet
The Habitat and Logistics Outpost

Science and Space Exploration

Northrop Grumman is making critical contributions to achieving NASA’s goals of exploring the Moon, Mars, and deep space.

We pair our proven astroscience and spaceflight technologies with decades of mission expertise to form the rock-solid foundation of every next-generation space exploration solution.

We’re proud to lead the industry team that built and deployed the James Webb Space Telescope. Our work on JWST continues as it gathers imagery & data that will revolutionize our understanding of the universe.

We also support NASA’s Artemis program from the pad to the Moon on its mission for sustainable journey to deep space.

Exploration and Science Datasheet HALO Fact Sheet Lunar Terrain Vehicle Fact Sheet SLS Images Artemis Fact Sheet Northrop Grumman Boosts Successful Artemis I Launch with World’s Largest and Most Powerful Rocket Boosters Northrop Grumman Wins Collier Trophy for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope James Webb Space Telescope, Built in Partnership with Northrop Grumman, Reveals New View of the Universe Cosmic Game Changer: Northrop Grumman and NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope
Cygnus in orbit with the International Space Station (ISS)

Payload and Ground Systems

Our payloads can be found on almost all of the significant satellite constellations and spacecraft for customers like the Intelligence Community, the US Space Force, and NOAA. Some of our most cutting-edge work revolves around AESA radars, advanced processing, and optics across the spectrum. Our ground systems teams support the large tail of flying constellations and processing all data that they gather for rapid dissemination to our customers.

Large satellites hovers over the continent of North America in outerspace

Commercial Satellites

Northrop Grumman is an industry pioneer in the design and production of commercial satellites as well as in the incorporation of civil and military hosted payloads on commercial spacecraft.

GEOStar: These satellites are among the industry’s best-selling small- and medium-class communications satellites for 2- 8 kW missions. The world’s leading satellite communications service providers rely on our lower-cost, highly reliable GEOStar satellites for their broadband, television broadcasting, mobile communications, business data networks and other telecommunications missions.

Northrop Grumman-built Commercial Telecommunications Satellites Launched Successfully

ESPAStar: This platform provides a modular, cost-effective and highly capable infrastructure for hosting technology development and operational payloads. The ESPAStar platform uses an Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) Secondary Payload Adapter (ESPA) ring as part of the structure and is capable of being launched aboard any launch vehicle that meets National Security Space Launch standards.

Northrop Grumman-built Satellite to Support US Space Force National Security Mission Learn More
Twilit sky in space with a bright streak arching over Earth’s atmosphere

Missile Defense

Northrop Grumman develops and builds some of the world’s most advanced missile defense technologies. From command systems to advanced interceptors, powerful space sensors, directed energy weapons and the systems that test and verify their efficacy, we’re defining what is possible across multiple domains to ensure reliable, effective protection against traditional ballistic and emerging hypersonic threats.

Northrop Grumman SBIRS GEO-6 Payload Launched in Support of Missile Warning Satellite Mission for U.S. Space Force Missile Defense Agency Selects Northrop Grumman to Lead Homeland Missile Defense Program Learn More Missile Warning and Defense datasheet
missile launch through clouds

Sentinel – Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD)

Through our trusted partnership with the U.S. Air Force, Sentinel, formerly known as the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD), is a critical modernization of the ground-based leg of the U.S. nuclear triad, the bedrock of U.S. national security.

As the Sentinel (GBSD) prime contractor, Northrop Grumman’s nationwide team is committed to providing a system that is capable, safe, secure and reliable – and ready at a moment’s notice. The company is creating cutting-edge innovations in digital engineering to design and produce this modern strategic deterrent capability for the U.S. Air Force. Together, we are defining what’s possible for providing an enduring weapon system that remains on cost and on schedule.

Northrop Grumman Test Fires Stage-One Solid Rocket Motor for Sentinel Missile Learn More

Launch Vehicles and Propulsion

Northrop Grumman provides reliable and flight-proven solid rocket motors for both Northrop Grumman vehicles and for other providers in defense and commercial markets.

Launch Vehicles Launch and Propulsion datasheet
NASA's Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover on Mars

Space Components

We are a preeminent provider of high quality spacecraft components for of commercial, civil and national security space applications. As a leader in the industry, products manufactured by Northrop Grumman unit have flown aboard virtually every U.S. satellite built in the last 20 years.

Learn more