Made It Possible: Marcos Stephens and Training for the Digital Transformation

By Marcos Stephens

At Northrop Grumman, Defining Possible is what we do. Which got me thinking — how do I Define Possible?

I lead a variety of strategic workforce training and development programs, training employees in everything from model based systems engineering to artificial intelligence to user experience. In addition to our Northrop Grumman-led programs, we have external partnerships with Stanford University, California Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Colorado, Johns Hopkins University and more.

As our industry undergoes a digital transformation, these development programs have enabled our employees to stay ahead of evolving technologies. While it’s exciting, and daunting, to jump right into the tools and technology, digital transformation is a culture change. These programs support and grow our digital workforce culture — a culture of collaboration, agility, innovation and customer-centricity.

To stay on the cutting-edge, I knew that we needed to quickly scale up our certificate and training programs so, during the pandemic, we were able to shift the majority of our programs to a virtual, work-from-anywhere model. Now, we can train Northrop Grumman employees across the whole country.

We have innovative and smart people with a thirst for learning and knowledge, and we want to invest in our employees’ on-going learning and development. We’re partnering with top universities to train and upskill our employees so that they can learn, grow, and earn a professional certificate while continuing to Define Possible for our customers.

So, how do I Define Possible in my job? By supporting our employees with the skills — and the confidence — to Define Possible in their jobs. 

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