Guided Projectiles and Precision Weapons

Guided Projectiles and Precision Weapons

Northrop Grumman is the industry leader in providing guided projectiles and precision weapons that are employed from air, land and sea based platforms.

These weapons provide the ability to engage difficult targets with precision to increase effects while limiting the chance of collateral damage.

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Precision Guidance Kit (PGK)

The Precision Guidance Kit (PGK) replaces conventional fuzes for artillery and mortar munitions, transforming them into Global Positioning System (GPS)- precision guided weapons. GPS-guided precision weapons on the battlefield can ensure near perfect accuracy while reducing the risk of collateral damage.

Precision Guidance Kit – Extended Range (PGK-ER) provides the accuracy and reliability of the original capability updated for the battlefield of the future.

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Hatchet is a six-pound, miniature precision strike munition enhancing lethality and reliability to manned and unmanned platforms. Ideal for use on Group 2-5 UAVs, or integrated with missiles, Hatchet uses GPS to precisely guide itself to a target and its payload rivals those in the several hundred-pound class. The size, accuracy, and lethality of Hatchet is optimal for use on all aircraft, but specifically enhances unmanned aircraft missions.

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Turbo-Jet Loitering Munition

Jackal is a turbo-jet loitering munition, enabling rapid speed to distanced targets, longer reconnaissance, and precise target defeat.

 Built with an open architecture, Jackal supports a modular payload with the ability to scale and add multiple warhead types as well as electronic warfare and ISR packages. With a small form factor, Jackal can be launched from surface, maritime, or air platforms already in current inventory.


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