Sustaining Advanced Weapon Systems

Sustaining Advanced Weapon Systems

Keeping Bushmaster Cannons at Peak Performance

Bushmaster® Chain Guns® cannons are among the most heavily relied-on resources in defense.

Thousands of them now fire from as many as 65 U.S.-allied countries across the globe, bringing advanced weapon systems capability to land, air, and sea platforms for decades. As Bushmaster cannons take on an increasing critical role in defense operations, it’s key to think proactively about maintaining these weapons. For the Bushmaster® Aftermarket Services Team (AMS), taking a partnered approach to the modernization and sustainment of these advanced weapon systems is key to optimizing performance, longevity, and life cycle sustainment cost.

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Supporting Mission-Critical Resources

With the right approach to maintenance and support, Bushmaster cannons can effectively fire for over 40 years.

“The core of our service support philosophy is to train our users to be as self-sufficient as possible and to quickly provide any additional technical support when they encounter obstacles beyond the day-to-day maintenance — and good quality spare parts,” said Konrad Cote, program manager at Northrop Grumman.

Trainings can occur in-country or in-house at the Bushmaster Chain Gun manufacturing facility. AMS provides teams of service technicians and customer support in-country around the globe.

Plan Proactively for Top Performance

The longevity and functionality of these advanced weapon systems are enhanced with upfront logistics planning. Successful training and preparation for future mission also involves purchasing spare parts, special tooling, and service kits for advanced weapons systems.

“We provide a web-based support platform where users have ready access to all of their up-to-date technical documentation and manuals. More importantly, it gives them a platform to submit secure technical communications to us,” Cote said.

The AMS team provides the highest quality technical, maintenance, and spares support to our customers around the globe and takes pride in knowing the relationships we build are long-lasting, just like Bushmaster® Chain Guns®.