Our Values

Our values reflect who we are and how we treat others; they define who we are as a people and a culture, and how we act and operate as a company.

At Northrop Grumman, the brightest minds come together to push the boundaries and define possible. We foster a culture of inclusive innovation, where pioneering isn’t about the few, it’s about the many.

We Do the Right Thing

Doing what is right because it is the right thing to do is the foundation of Northrop Grumman’s business culture. The reputation that our Company has earned for high legal and ethical standards is one of our greatest business assets. Our goal has never been solely to comply with the law, but to abide by the highest principles of integrity and concern for others.

Anti-Corruption Compliance Human Rights Policy
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We Do What We Promise

Our sense of ethics and doing what is right are the cornerstones of Northrop Grumman’s exemplary reputation. They allow us to gain respect and support within our communities, help provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace, and attract and retain individuals who not only demonstrate, but also demand high standards of business conduct.

Corporate Responsibility Investor Relations
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We Commit to Shared Success

We strive to conduct business in ways that reflect our Standards of Business Conduct and Suppliers Standards of Business Conduct, collectively as a company and as individual employees within the company. We do not sacrifice our integrity to achieve business objectives.

Standards of Business Conduct Suppliers Standards of Business Conduct
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We Pioneer

We pioneer with fierce curiosity, dedication and innovation, we seek to solve the world’s most challenging problems. Our teams are exploring burgeoning research areas and creating revolutionary technology that will not only power the mission but also connect, advance and protect the U.S. and its allies. No matter what the future holds, the greater the problem, the more prepared we are to help solve it.

How We Define Possible What We Do

Values and Community in the News

Every day our employees are Defining Possible with a commitment to our shared values. Learn more about our pioneering company.

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Ethics and Business Conduct

Our reputation for high legal and ethical standards is one of our greatest business assets. 

OpenLine Resource

OpenLine provides a confidential way to ask ethics-related questions, voice concerns or report violations.  

Accounting Accountability

Resources for employees to share concerns or report possible financial misconduct.

Human Rights Policy

We are committed to maintaining a culture of deep respect for individuals and human rights.

Anti-Human Trafficking and Slavery

We fully support the elimination of human trafficking and modern slavery throughout businesses and supply chains. 

Anti-Corruption Compliance

At Northrop Grumman, anti-corruption compliance is inextricably woven into our corporate values.