Allegra Scott Receives an AFCEA Award for Service and Achievement

CIMS operations manager Allegra Scott knew she not only wanted mentors, but also a network of diverse young professionals to learn from and grow with. An intern in college at the time, Allegra joined AFCEA. Her career and network soared from there.African American female smiling wile holding award

With approximately 31,070 members and 139 chapters, AFCEA provides a platform for members to develop innovations to support and serve military, government and industry communities. Members, like Allegra, have the opportunity to make a huge impact by serving others through outreach and participation in community-focused programs.

Allegra became heavily involved in AFCEA Central Maryland in 2013. Since being involved in the chapter, Allegra has gained immense knowledge from other young AFCEANs, considering that members are from different backgrounds and industries. Allegra has served as the vice president of Young AFCEAN Industry Outreach, vice president of the Bull & Oyster Roast and now serves as the executive secretary of her chapter’s executive committee.

“I gained valuable insight on a variety of customers and their missions.” Allegra says. “It’s great to have an understanding of organizations in other industries and how they operate.”

Allegra used the knowledge she gained from various leaders and peers to pay it forward in the organization. She helped raise over $30,000 in scholarships for STEM students and has been using every opportunity to continue making a difference since then.

“I always wanted to mentor and help young professionals grow their careers in the intelligence and cybersecurity field,” Allegra says. “What you gain from your mentors, you should give that knowledge and insight back to your mentees.”

As a result of Allegra’s involvement in AFCEA and dedication to mentorship, Allegra will be honored as a recipient of the Distinguished Young AFCEAN Award, a service award that recognizes members under 40 years of age who demonstrate exceptional performance in their chapter. Allegra was recognized at the AFCEA West conference in San Diego, California, on Feb. 6.

The 12 award recipients were all nominated and chosen based on their leadership and service, professional achievement, chapter and community contributions and mentorship.

“We’re in a generation where we want leadership opportunities and to be challenged earlier in our careers,” Allegra says. “I’ve been trying to push the envelope and give the younger generation a voice.”

At Northrop Grumman, Allegra helps strategically bring functions and teams together across the cyber and intel division to create the highest level of efficiency to meet the business objectives.

“Northrop Grumman has provided me with an opportunity to step into leadership roles and challenge myself,” Allegra says. “I’ve received great training and look forward to rotating throughout the company to expand my knowledge of new customer sets and technologies, which is the beauty of working for an organization with a diverse and innovative portfolio.”

Allegra plans to use the leadership skills she has gained at Northrop Grumman and her involvement and recognition from AFCEA to continue to provide mentorship for other young AFCEANs.

“Something I’ve learned from working at Northrop Grumman is that how you navigate and learn from your mistakes is just as important as how you handle your successes. I plan to continue to instill that into other young AFCEANs.”

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