Careers at Northrop Grumman

Life at Northrop Grumman Stories

Life at Northrop Grumman Stories

It takes every one of us to make the impossible a reality. See what life is like at Northrop Grumman.

Possible drives us at Northrop Grumman

We challenge ourselves every day by defining what is possible. It is a shared purpose for our team and a promise to our customers. We bring together our curiosity and drive to do what’s never been done, whether it is at sea on land in cyber space or in outer space. Everyone has a voice here, and it takes every one of us to make the impossible a reality.

Read the stories about our employees, their professional accomplishments, personal passions and victories. See what life is like at Northrop Grumman from our people.

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Young African American man stands outside smiling with hands in his pant pockets


Young African American woman smiling and posing in front of model rockets Young Caucasian Male using 3D Printing Technology

Business, Operations and Management

Young Woman holding clipboard and smilin in facility


White woman smiles

Cyber, IT and Security

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Group of Interns

Students and Entry-Level

Male and female smiling in front of lightbulb

Experienced Professionals

White female in hangar


Young woman stands outside smiling in front of lake


hispanic male in front of the James Webb Space Telescope JWST


Northrop Grumman Supports Veterans with Hero Dogs

Community Outreach

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collage of Northrop Grumman employees

A Change of Scenery

woman sitting on grass near lake

Changing Hearts

female standing in front of a computer bay

Through Smoke and Fire

various colored socks

Counting Down 10 Rocket Launch Traditions, Superstitions and Lore

man smiling

From Scraps to Opportunities

Engineer with Radio Frequency equipment

The Downsizing Developer

female smiling

Reinventing Larsha

man in wheelchair at picnic table

The Mountain

three men standing with one woman sitting

Swimming with the Sharks

woman with long brown hair in front of green ivy wall

Advocating with Agility

male smiling

At the Helm of Aqua

male with mask on covered in snow

Champions Among Us

male holding a model of a munition

Unfinished Business

black woman smiling in front of computer monitors

Home Team Advantage

young woman smiling with graduation cap on

Well Played

person in bunny suit inspects NASA solar arrays

Success Across Millions of Miles

white male soldier wearing sunglasses

My Word: Continuing the Mission

large group of people standing in front of USAF aircraft

Turning the Page

hockey team in uniform on ice

Puck Drop

male in flight deck of small aircraft

Taking to the Skies

two males posed for the camera

Eureka Moment

two people posed for photograph

Written in the Stars

female standing in front of building

From Perseverance to Providing Scholarships

woman on gym climbing wall

The Height of Her Career

male smiling

A Dream Interrupted, a Community Found

male competing in a domino event

The Domino Effect

man standing next to a weather satillite

Under the Weather

woman smiling while writing a note

Out of this World Pen-Pals

Three astronauts standing in a line

From Outer Space to Northrop Grumman

male smiling

Finding More

headshot of hispanic male

Si Se Puede

woman of color smiling

Embracing Duality

U.S. Navy personel standing infront of aircraft

Safe to Fly

two women in front of rocket

Two the Moon

technician working on automobile

Leap of Faith

man in suit leaning against a tree

Connecting the Dots

group of five poeple standing together in a line

One of the Guys, and With Pearls

blue face mask

Unlocking Potential: On a Different Way to Work

male posed for camera

A Pathway into an Engineering Career

man on a para-cycle

No Limitations: How Paracycling Lit a Fire in Safety Engineer Jerry

woman working on aircraft parts

Marilyn Monroe has a Place in Northrop Grumman History

motorcyclists riding through desert

Rocket Riders

White male standing in front of Air Force One

From Sailor to Sentinel

male standing in front of airplane model


several people lined up in a classroom filled with donations

Class Act: Employee Resource Group Helps Students Go Back to School

U.S. Marine Corps Veteran standing in front of military vehicles

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Marine Corps Veteran John on How the Military Prepared Him for His New Role

woman in sweater in blue sky

iReturn: The Journey Back to the Workforce

smiling black women wearing glasses

Find Solutions through a New Perspective

soldier on tank with gun

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Navy Veteran Kevin on How SkillBridge Helped him Transfer to a Civilian Career

man using virual reality device

Training for Stealth: Northrop Grumman partners with community college to train critically skilled workers for low observable field

Veteran protrait

Veteran Spotlight: U.S. Air Force Veteran Albin on the Transition to a Civilian Career

male smiling

To the Edge of the Universe

smiling woman

Living Authentically

Thuy Nga Mast family

The Satisfaction of Service: Financial analyst and Vietnamese refugee Nga on why she is proud to work for Northrop Grumman

female veteran in uniform

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran Ashley

man standing in front of american flag

No Second Guesses

Asian female in blue lab coat and safety goggles stands in hallway of manufacturing plant

Powering the Artemis Generation

Navy pilot

Lights, Camera, Tomcat — From the set with Tom Cruise to the real TOPGUN

pilot standing in front of jet

More than a Mission: Scott Stark and the A-10

Woman smiling

Supplying a New Perspective

Headshot of male against american flag background

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Ian

3 people planting tree in park

Tree Planting in Popular Park Aids Hurricane Recovery in Lake Charles

man in suit standing outside office building

Daring to Dream

two people looking up-under photovoltaic cells


2 males smiling with mountain backdrop

My Word: A Family Line of Defense

female smiling

My Word: A Higher Purpose

Female solider in uniform

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Army Veteran Mineris

male smiling

Meet Engineering & Sciences Operations Manager Mitch

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Joana

family portrait in the woods

A Journey of Resilience

Black woman at computer station

A Lasting Legacy

male standing and smiling

One Heritage: A Proud History

women smiling

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran Carli

woman standing with her arms around a seated male

The Siren

male headshot

Mission First, People Always, Team of Teams

Native American male standing next to memorial

Meet Nick: Diversity and Inclusion Advocate

woman typing at a computer

Writing Their Next Chapter

woman in cap and gown with infant on lap

Home-Grown Opportunity in the Southwest

collage of old photographs

What We Do is Personal

White woman smiling

A Bridge Between Service and the Civilian World

Black man standing in front of flag and Northrop Grumman logo

Making an IMPACT

African American soldier

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Tristan

white male standing in front of model plane

Veterans as a Resource

black man smiling in a lab

A Spark of Inspiration

a Black male standing in a black shirt in standing in front of an office building with a Northrop Grumman sign in white letters

A Mindboggling Opportunity

White man with beard

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Douglas

soldier in full military dress in front of American flag

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran Shane

Black woman in computer lab

Teaching Through Fellowship

White man in coat in front of van

Meet Rich, an Aeronautics Systems Program Director

White male in suit

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran (Chief Petty Officer Retired) Don

woman standing next to car

Joy on the Manufacturing Floor

Black male in a blue plaid suit

Made It Possible: Marcos Stephens and Training for the Digital Transformation

Latina woman smiling

Blazing Her Own Trail

Collages of employees standing

Bringing Family into the Business

group of students standing in front of lake

Students of Sustainability

three head profile photo collage

A Three-Dimensional Career

man standing outside an office building

Showing them the Ropes

A Latino man in a blue work suit and cap holding a plaque

Made It Possible: Robert Romero and Empowering Future Rocket Scientists

female soldier in uniform in front of flag

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air National Guard Veteran Karrie

headshot of person in front of a tree

Uncovering Our Full Potential

female worker in boxing clothes

Meet Janet: An Aeronautics Guidance, Navigation and Controls Engineer

A portrait of white man in military uniform

Made It Possible: Arnie Lucas and Creating Opportunity Through Agility

Young woman intern wearing Northrop Grumman t-shirt

Return of the Interns

hispanic woman in a large building

The First of Her Family

Asian woman smiling holding paper airplane

The Journey from New York to Florida: Meet Vehicle Engineering Manager Suet

collage of various Veterans at work

Veteran Life at Northrop Grumman

light bulb turned on while group of light bulbs are not powered up

Embracing Lean-Agile Through Talent Acquisition and HR

space view of earth

Meet Distinguished Engineer of the Year, Neville

Two rocket motors booster assembly inside a space facility

Made It Possible: Matt Mecham and Becoming a Booster Archaeologists for Inclusion

portrait of an employee

Champions for Inclusion

Veteran portrait

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Army Veteran Dominique

White man wearing safety goggles works in workshop

Inspiring the Next Generation: Meet Tim

white man standing in front of building

Discovering the Materials that will Build the Future

white man inside a house

Out in the Open

US Marine headshot with american flag in background

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Marine Corps Veteran Kurt

veteran portrait

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran George

veteran portrait

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Air Force Veteran Joe

military pilot in cockpit

Eyes on the Sky

Black man in Army uniform speaks at podium

Building a Legacy: A Lifelong Mission of Service

A white woman wearing a mask and dressed in a white blouse with a yellow jacket is sitting on a blue chair with a computer in her lap

It’s More Than an Internship

A older white gentleman standing with arms crossed next to an electric vehicle charger station.

Made it Possible: Brian Henwood and Electric Persistence

female child and female soldier in uniform

She’s got GRIT

Employee portrait

Welcome to the A Team

Two engineers, a man and a woman - test an immersive virtual environment.

Suit Up: Hollywood Meets Engineering in the HIVE

soldier in front of U.S. flag

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Army Veteran Neilson


Lessons from Dawn

I’ve touched the Apollo 14 vehicle, witnessed the first flight of the C-2A cargo aircraft and watched Dawn leave the Earth – Life at Northrop Grumman

Man wearing hat and sunglasses

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S Navy Veteran Jason

A white woman in a white lab coat test a hardware system

The SharkSat Team and Launching a Next Generation Workforce

Male soldiers holding rifle in back of military vehicle

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Army Veteran Chris

male soldier and flag

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Ken

man smiling while sitting on couch

How Danny’s Mentor Partnership Launched his Career at Northrop Grumman

male soldier holding rifle

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran James

Older white man in business attire smiles

Made It Possible: Frank and the Tools of the Trade

White woman stands outside smiling

Made It Possible: Veteran Kristin and Speaking the Same Language

woman smiling in small plane

Christy and the Big Picture in Digital Transformation

Black and white image of three firefighters gathered outside

Rising from the Ashes

Black man wearing suit sitting on couch

From Football Dreams to Higher Callings

White man in Navy uniform walks on tarmac

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Floyd

Male student on athletic field with graduation cap and scarf

Creating A User Experience Fit To Impress

Young female posing with both hands on hips

Defining Possible One F-35 Fighter Jet at a Time

Man in military uniform with ship in background

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran Rafael

Caucasian man wearing face mask and gloves holds face shield

Engineering Maker Spaces Respond to COVID-19

white woman fighter pilot holding flag

First Female Aviator Assigned to her Navy Squadron Now Leads at Northrop Grumman

white female smiling in front of space telescope

From Intern to Mechanical Design Engineer on JWST

African american male headshot

Ensuring Quality Over Quantity

man in front of plane

From Air Force to Northrop Grumman Program Manager

Two Caucasian women speaking at desk

Engineer and Artist Inspiring Young Scientists

Up-close photo of female smiling with glasses

Four Generations of Company Pride

woman in military uniform

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran Stephanie

man wearing glasses surrounding by paint brushes

38 Years of Perfecting Inspiration

white man working from home in front of several computer monitors

Cygnus Mission Control from Home

Older Caucasian man in cowboy attire poses in front of horse saddles hanging on wall

50 Years at the Rocket Ranch

African American woman wearing work gloves and an N95 mask

Supporting Those on the Front Line

Man in uniform in front of plane

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Scott

Man in military uniform sitting in open door of helicopter on ground

Transitioning from the Military to Northrop Grumman

male intern with mask working in tight space

Adapting Intern Program to the Pandemic

Black woman stands smiling in front of banner

Finding Work-Life Balance

Man in Air Force uniform

A Team Journey: DoD Skillbridge

Man sitting at desk

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran Rab

woman with glasses on a sewing machine in her home

Sewing with Purpose

Rainbow flag

Doing the Right Thing for Inclusive Benefits

Headshot of man with medical personnel in the background

Volunteering in Vietnam

Young Woman holding clipboard and smilin in facility

From Shuttle Watcher to Acclaimed Engineer

Young African American man stands outside smiling with hands in his pant pockets

From BEYA to a Career at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman engineer summits Mt. Everest and displays the northrop grumman flag.

Engineer Summits Mt. Everest

Young African American woman smiling and posing in front of model rockets

Growing Business with Technology

Caucasian male poses smiling with arms crossed

Welcome Home: Engineer Returns to Northrop Grumman

black and white headshot of woman smiling

Making a Difference as a Mentor

Young man standing in front of small airplane

Aerospace Engineering Intern Achieves New Heights

Engineers Testing for Mach Speed

Progress Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Male and female smiling in front of lightbulb

Mixing Electricity and Water Sparks a Revolutionary Idea

white man with bald head

Veteran Helps Save Soldiers’ Lives

Headshot of african american female

A Forward-Thinking Approach in Cybersecurity

Two Caucasian Males leaning on manufacturing equipment

Family Working Together in Manufacturing

Three Males holding polarizers with their hands

Solving Aerospace Engineering Problems in a Pinch

Mentoring is a joint venture at Northrop Grumman.

Mentorships Are Joint (STARS) Ventures

African American Male Headshot outdoors

A Commitment to Family, Education and Career Development

man holding laptop in server room

IT Apprenticeship Leads to Fulfilling Career

caucasian male in astronaut uniform

From Intern to NASA Spacewalker

Blonde female holding spiralized notebook

The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

White woman smiles

Engineer Earns Rising Star Award

Woman smiles poses outside behind lake

Space Systems Engineer’s Career Growth

African American Female standing in Hangar with Large plane

Want Radical Solutions? Start With Diverse Perspectives

Headshot of man against dark background smiling

Helping Underserved Students in STEM

Group of men gathering

An Engineering Mentor’s Career Path

Caucasian Female Posing in front of purple backdrop

High Fives for Quality and Community

Skyline of cityscape

Career Balance of Life, Love and Leadership

Headshot of caucasian male in classroom setting

Internships and Rotations Lead to Success

Headshot of Caucasian Male in front of whiteboard

44 Years at Northrop Grumman

Caucasian man poses for a headshot

Supporting Neurodiversity and Inclusivity

white man standing in front of giant gears

Fiber + 3D Printing = Patented Success

Young Caucasian Male using 3D Printing Technology

Machinists Forge a Brave New World in 3D

Older Caucasian man in wetsuit holds surfbboard at the beach

Surfing Helps Maintain Quality on the Job

African American female smiling while holding award

Manager Earns AFCEA Award

Skiier in mid-air against blue sky and clouds

From Ski Slopes to Data Slopes

Young Adult Male Standing in front of Washington Monument

Pursuing Passion in Game Development

Hispanic femal leaning against large box

30 Under 30 Rising Star

Group of employees pose and smile

The Benefits of Mentoring

Two caucasian males working together on a project

Discovering the Best Career Choices

Caucasian male posing with goggles in front of machinery

Measuring Elementary Particles

Headshot of Caucasian Male in Flight test Uniform

From the Navy to Northrop Grumman

Headshot of caucasian female

Fostering Innovative Ideas

White male veteran in uniform poses outside next to dog

Veterans Are Integral to Success

group of employees wearing rainbow shirts pose smiling

United With LGBT Pride

Black male smiling while carrying male child on his back

Abraham’s Story: The Lost Boys of Sudan

White female in hangar

The Transition From Army Analyst to Business Development Manager