Northrop Grumman Manager Volunteers in Vietnam

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Hung, a quality assurance manager, has worked at Northrop Grumman since 2002. A Six Sigma Master Black Belt, he utilizes the Six Sigma and Agile methodologies in his daily work. In 2019 he used those same skills to support an international mission abroad.

Hung and his family traveled to Vietnam to volunteer with the nonprofit Hope for Tomorrow. The organization is a global 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides healthcare, human services and infrastructure support to underserved communities.

As a member of Hope for Tomorrow for the past 10 years, Hung is passionate about giving back to others and travels with the organization four to five times a year. The focus of the Vietnam mission was to provide dental and medical care to people in need across the region. The group, made up of 30 dentists, three doctors and 50 volunteers, held healthcare assistance programs in the cities of Don Duong and Kon Tum.

Using skills he has learned in his day job, Hung implemented process improvement methods to support the team’s mission. His eye for quality assurance and problem-solving skills ensured everyone knew their role and the end-to-end process of patient flow, from registration to the completion of the patient’s dental treatment.

In just five days with the help of continuous design improvements and cross-functional processes, the team was able to provide quality dental care and eye exams to 4,000 people — many of whom traveled long distances to receive medical treatment.

Applying his process improvement experience allowed Hung and the rest of the volunteer team to serve a record number of people in a short amount of time. “Our objective was to maximize patient flow so we could treat as many patients as possible, knowing we only had one week to provide service,” he said.

“We experienced roadblocks along the way, but fortunately, we had done all of our planning before we got to Vietnam. It helped us to be able to adapt where we needed to in order to accomplish our mission in the end. That’s agility at work,” said Hung.

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