On the Hunt for the Best Career Choices

With minds alert and maps in hand, hundreds of summer interns at several sites went on a lab-hopping quest in July to discover Northrop Grumman’s work on artificial intelligence, machine learning, C4ISR, autonomous systems, spacecraft and propulsion assembly, metrology, instrumentation and some of the best career choices available to them.

The annual Summer Intern Lab Crawl is a Northrop Grumman development initiative to provide line of sight to the work we do that might not be part of the interns’ summer assignments.

Lab representatives enjoy this opportunity to share their work. During the weeklong event, many provided guided tours and interesting demonstrations to the captive college students. The crawl’s grand finale included intern career networking breakfasts with senior leaders.

“Northrop Grumman places incredible value on its internship program,” said University Relations Recruiter Nicole Scher. “The internship is an opportunity for students to try us out — see what we have to offer — and vice versa. Those who ultimately receive offers of full-time employment are the students we believe will be the best fit to grow our company’s culture and whose performance we can rely on.”

Discovering the Best Career Choices

From division and program events to sector-wide events like the Lab Crawl to activities hosted by the company’s Talent Acquisition team and employee resource groups, Northrop Grumman provides valuable experience, exposure and education for interns, and employees who are recent graduates, to learn about the important work we do and perhaps discover some of the best career choices within the organization.

“It’s great to be able to take part in so many learning events while here,” said Roy Lara, a systems engineering intern working on the B-2 program this summer. “Northrop Grumman offers so many career opportunities in so many different areas. The more exposure I can get to everything available at the company, the more likely I am to come back here after graduation to start my career.”

“In addition to the broad and diverse scopes of work that a company our size is able to offer to its employees, we also offer virtually unlimited professional development resources free for the taking,” explains Shawna Hudson, sector lead for Learning and Development. “Employees as well as interns can visit the Northrop Grumman Development Center for 24/7 access to resources for mapping out career paths, taking skills assessments, online courses — basically everything you need to build a successful career.”

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