Careers at Northrop Grumman

Engineering: Life at Northrop Grumman

Engineering: Life at Northrop Grumman

Hear from our engineers and gain insights into our culture.

Northrop Grumman engineers are motivated by a deep desire to blaze new trails.  Our engineers contribute their expertise while also developing new skills to develop leading-edge solutions used undersea, on land, in the sky and in the far reaches of outer space. We explore everything we possibly can to uncover the most efficient and creative solutions. We invite you to read these stories about some of our engineers and take advantage of gaining insights into our culture.

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female standing in front of a computer bay

Through Smoke and Fire

Engineer with Radio Frequency equipment

The Downsizing Developer

female smiling

Reinventing Larsha

male smiling

At the Helm of Aqua

person in bunny suit inspects NASA solar arrays

Success Across Millions of Miles

male in flight deck of small aircraft

Taking to the Skies

two males posed for the camera

Eureka Moment

female standing in front of building

From Perseverance to Providing Scholarships

woman on gym climbing wall

The Height of Her Career

male competing in a domino event

The Domino Effect

man standing next to a weather satillite

Under the Weather

headshot of hispanic male

Si Se Puede

male posed for camera

A Pathway into an Engineering Career

male smiling

To the Edge of the Universe

White man in coat in front of van

Meet Rich, an Aeronautics Systems Program Director

Latina woman smiling

Blazing Her Own Trail

Asian woman smiling holding paper airplane

The Journey from New York to Florida: Meet Vehicle Engineering Manager Suet

White man wearing safety goggles works in workshop

Inspiring the Next Generation: Meet Tim

man smiling while sitting on couch

How Danny’s Mentor Partnership Launched his Career at Northrop Grumman

woman smiling in small plane

Christy and the Big Picture in Digital Transformation

Black man wearing suit sitting on couch

From Football Dreams to Higher Callings

Young female posing with both hands on hips

Defining Possible One F-35 Fighter Jet at a Time

Caucasian man wearing face mask and gloves holds face shield

Engineering Maker Spaces Respond to COVID-19

Male student on athletic field with graduation cap and scarf

Creating A User Experience Fit To Impress

white female smiling in front of space telescope

From Intern to Mechanical Design Engineer on JWST

man in front of plane

From Air Force to Northrop Grumman Program Manager

woman in military uniform

Veteran Spotlight: Meet Marine Corps Veteran Stephanie

African american male headshot

Ensuring Quality Over Quantity

Two Caucasian women speaking at desk

Engineer and Artist Inspiring Young Scientists

African American woman wearing work gloves and an N95 mask

Supporting Those on the Front Line

Man in uniform in front of plane

Veteran Spotlight: Meet U.S. Navy Veteran Scott

Young Woman holding clipboard and smilin in facility

From Shuttle Watcher to Acclaimed Engineer

Young African American man stands outside smiling with hands in his pant pockets

From BEYA to a Career at Northrop Grumman

Northrop Grumman engineer summits Mt. Everest and displays the northrop grumman flag.

Engineer Summits Mt. Everest

Caucasian male poses smiling with arms crossed

Welcome Home: Engineer Returns to Northrop Grumman

black and white headshot of woman smiling

Making a Difference as a Mentor

Young man standing in front of small airplane

Aerospace Engineering Intern Achieves New Heights

Engineers Testing for Mach Speed

Progress Faster Than the Speed of Sound

Male and female smiling in front of lightbulb

Mixing Electricity and Water Sparks a Revolutionary Idea

Three Males holding polarizers with their hands

Solving Aerospace Engineering Problems in a Pinch

African American Male Headshot outdoors

A Commitment to Family, Education and Career Development

Blonde female holding spiralized notebook

The Importance of Safety in the Workplace

White woman smiles

Engineer Earns Rising Star Award

Woman smiles poses outside behind lake

Space Systems Engineer’s Career Growth

Group of men gathering

An Engineering Mentor’s Career Path

Career Balance of Life, Love and Leadership

Headshot of caucasian male in classroom setting

Internships and Rotations Lead to Success

Headshot of Caucasian Male in front of whiteboard

44 Years at Northrop Grumman

Caucasian man poses for a headshot

Supporting Neurodiversity and Inclusivity

Caucasian male standing with arms behind back

Deep Learning Technologies

Caucasian Female Posing in front of purple backdrop

High Fives for Quality and Community

white man standing in front of giant gears

Fiber + 3D Printing = Patented Success

Young Caucasian Male using 3D Printing Technology

Machinists Forge a Brave New World in 3D

Skiier in mid-air against blue sky and clouds

From Ski Slopes to Data Slopes

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