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SLS Five Segment Booster (FSB-1)

Launching 5.5 million pounds is impossible. Until it’s not.

SLS Five Segment Booster FSB-1 Facts and History

QM-2 Test

Static Test Data Sheet

sls launch rendering

SLS Booster Data Sheet

SLS Case History

Case Use History SLS FSB-1.

Horizontal rocket moter in desert environment during test fire, with smoke and flames coming out of the back of rocket.

NASA SLS Fact Sheet

Engineers work to remove and transport the center segment from the casting pits at the Promontory facility.


Media Resources

A rocket motor at test site preparing for static test firing in front of mountains


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Video Gallery: FSB-1

Mission Updates

Our FSB-1 static test occurred on September 2. See the full static test below.

See video of test here Read the FSB-1 news release