Counting Down 10 Rocket Launch Traditions, Superstitions and Lore

various colored socks

By Caroline Mroz, Bethany Wilson and Leslie Zychowski 2023 marks 10 years since Northrop Grumman’s first Cygnus mission to carry critical cargo to the International Space Station (ISS), launched by our Antares rocket. As our launch team members reflect on the last decade of missions, they share the traditions, superstitions and lore that have powered […]

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What Will You Do in LEO?

rendering of space station interior

What will you do in Low Earth Orbit (LEO)? Northrop Grumman is considering all the possibilities. From science, research and manufacturing to media production and STEM outreach, the possibilities for the future are growing exponentially with our Commercial Space Station concept. […]

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Out of this World Pen-Pals

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By Brandon Hartman When Northrop Grumman Electrical Power Subsystems Lead Meg was tagged in a social media post on her mom’s Facebook profile in the fall of 2020 — proudly highlighting Meg’s work in mission control for a Cygnus launch — she had no idea she would become famous in her hometown of Edmond, Oklahoma. […]

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