A New Era in Astronomy

An asteroid belt and dust

. Over the past year, Webb has observed incredible cosmic structures, explored uncharted areas of the universe and allowed astronomers and the public to behold the stunning beauty and complexity of space. Webb is a testament to human ingenuity and represents a new chapter in our exploration of the unknown. […]

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Time Machine to the Cosmos

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope (Webb) has been making history ever since it was propelled into space in December 2021, revealing never-before-seen details of the early cosmos. Referred to as a time machine, Webb’s powerful instruments use infrared vision to peer back over 13.5 billion years and view the earliest stars and galaxies. […]

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Game Changer Part III: Triumph

Webb Telescope workers wearing bunny suits

In the Spring of 2018, questions from the media, Congress and the science community swirled around NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope program. The headlines weren’t kind. […]

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From Intern to Mechanical Design Engineer on the James Webb Space Telescope

Fully assembled view of a space telescope in manufacturing plant

Mei-Li joined Northrop Grumman in 2016 as an intern. Today, she’s a mechanical design engineer on the James Webb Space Telescope, working on the mechanical ground systems engineering team. Tell us about your role on Webb. My team is in charge of designing all of the Webb equipment that’s not going to space, called mechanical […]

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James Webb Space Telescope

As the prime contractor, Northrop Grumman led the industry team for NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope, the largest, most complex and powerful space telescope ever built. […]

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