Made It Possible: Matt Mecham and Becoming a Booster Archaeologist

rocket facility

Imagine a big box of LEGOs®… You’ve been given that box with the goal of building a rocket model. Half of the LEGOs come from a first edition rocket model that was released decades ago and uses printed instructions. The other half are for a brand-new model that uses modern LEGOs and employs app-based instructions. […]

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Made It Possible: Scott Mohrman and Seeing Stars

Stars, Mars and Dark Matter: The Biggest Space Discoveries of 2018

By Scott Mohrman It would be a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Outdoor photographers know that Utah summers offer the best chance to spot the Milky Way. This year, the opportunity happened to align with the Flight Support Booster (FSB-1) motor test on September 2, 2020 — a test of the Northrop Grumman-manufactured solid rocket motor that will […]

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Fifty Years at the Rocket Ranch: Q&A with Ranch Manager Boyd

Older Caucasian man in cowboy attire poses in front of horse saddles hanging on wall

How did you find yourself working for Northrop Grumman? I started working at the company, when it was Thiokol, in 1970 (making $2.45 an hour, by the way). This was just four years before we won the contract to build the rocket motors for the Space Shuttle Program. Fifty years later, and now Northrop Grumman, […]

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