Through Smoke and Fire

female standing in front of a computer bay

By Heather and Kendra Kastelan For Energetics Engineer Heather, the morning of March 2 — test day — was more exciting than most. Alongside more than 20 Test and Research Operations teammates in Promontory, Utah, Heather dedicated weeks to preparing for the first static fire test of a new stage-one solid rocket motor that will […]

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Return to Utah

Northrop Grumman’s iReturn program supports employees returning to the workforce after a career break of at least two years. […]

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A Spark of Inspiration

black man smiling in a lab

The Northrop Grumman program that turns personal passions into professional development After a fire nearly destroyed the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris in 2019, Yaakov was surprised to hear on the news that the most accurate digital rendering ever created of the ancient Parisian church was for a video game he had played: Assassin’s Creed: […]

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Made It Possible: Matt Mecham and Becoming a Booster Archaeologist

rocket facility

Imagine a big box of LEGOs®… You’ve been given that box with the goal of building a rocket model. Half of the LEGOs come from a first edition rocket model that was released decades ago and uses printed instructions. The other half are for a brand-new model that uses modern LEGOs and employs app-based instructions. […]

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Made It Possible: Scott Mohrman and Seeing Stars

Stars, Mars and Dark Matter: The Biggest Space Discoveries of 2018

By Scott Mohrman It would be a once-in-a-lifetime shot. Outdoor photographers know that Utah summers offer the best chance to spot the Milky Way. This year, the opportunity happened to align with the Flight Support Booster (FSB-1) motor test on September 2, 2020 — a test of the Northrop Grumman-manufactured solid rocket motor that will […]

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Meet Kanavis: Ensuring Quality Over Quantity

The avionics housed inside the aft skirt of the OmegA second stage will monitor the motor during firing. (January 2020)

How did you find your way to Northrop Grumman? I attended a Northrop Grumman job fair in Huntsville, Alabama, where I met an Aeronautics representative who works in Clearfield, Utah. After having a conversation about composite materials he then encouraged me to apply for a Quality Engineering position, and scheduled an interview for the following […]

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Fifty Years at the Rocket Ranch: Q&A with Ranch Manager Boyd

Older Caucasian man in cowboy attire poses in front of horse saddles hanging on wall

How did you find yourself working for Northrop Grumman? I started working at the company, when it was Thiokol, in 1970 (making $2.45 an hour, by the way). This was just four years before we won the contract to build the rocket motors for the Space Shuttle Program. Fifty years later, and now Northrop Grumman, […]

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