Through Smoke and Fire

female standing in front of a computer bay

By Heather and Kendra Kastelan For Energetics Engineer Heather, the morning of March 2 — test day — was more exciting than most. Alongside more than 20 Test and Research Operations teammates in Promontory, Utah, Heather dedicated weeks to preparing for the first static fire test of a new stage-one solid rocket motor that will […]

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Space Symposium

Northrop Grumman is a premier provider of space, ground and launch systems with deep mission expertise and end-to-end capabilities in national security, civil, and commercial systems. […]

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About Sentinel (GBSD)

Northrop Grumman has been awarded the U.S. Air Force’s LGM-35A Sentinel (GBSD) contract to replace the aging ICBM System. […]

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