Bushmaster Chain Guns

Bushmaster Chain Guns

Superior, effective chain guns protecting the warfighter today and beyond.

Superior Effects: Bushmaster Chain Guns

Northrop Grumman’s medium-caliber cannons boast unrivaled reliability and effectiveness. The Bushmaster® Chain Gun® provides next generation, battle proven capability. Protecting the U.S. and 65 allied countries across the globe from land, air, and naval combat weapons platforms.

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weapons with superior design and lethality for decades.

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the next generation chain guns to maintain overmatch.

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Advanced Ammunition
with air-burst and proximity capabilities.

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Counter UAS
kinetic defeat with our chain guns and advanced ammunition.


Medium Caliber Cannons

Offering a range of capability, based on caliber size, tailored to mission needs.

50x228mm Bushmaster Chain Gun on stand


Our largest medium caliber chain gun, the XM913, provides stationary and fire on the move capability.

army tank


Ensuring the right effector is in the fight, our Mk44 Stretch has in field capabilities to upgrade the 30mm Mk44 to 40mm.

green tank with bushmaster chain gun


The Bushmaster III has proven and reliable capabilities with 35mm lethality.

Bushmaster chain gun on tank


The Mk44, XM813, and GAU_23 are battle-proven on ground, naval, and aerial platforms, providing superior overmatch with advanced ammunition.

military attack helicopter


Arming attack helicopters and ground platforms, our M230, M230LF and XM914 cannons defeat aerial and ground threats.

navy ship firing gun


The M242 brings superior battle-proven technology to the U.S. Army, U.S. Marines, and allied forces around the world.

bushmaster chain gun


The Sky Viper is the next-generation Bushmaster® Chain Gun® under development for multi-role functionality on air platforms.

green tank with bushmaster chain guns


The Mk52 is the smallest member of the Bushmaster® Chain Gun® family, designed for coaxial use to defeat near-peer targets.

After Market Services

Maintaining operational readiness

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Our After Market Services team keeps the most superior armaments in the world at peak operational readiness. We provide the highest quality life cycle support to customers around the globe, through training, spares, technical support, repair and overhaul, full-service support, and mobile maintenance center.

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Bushmaster in the News

Bushmaster Chain Gun on military vehicle

Successful Live-Fire Testing and Demo of the Mk44 Stretch in Norway

Source: Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace

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Sustaining Advanced Weapon Systems

large military gun mounted on a truck

From the Apache to the Ground: Evolution of the M230 Bushmaster Chain Gun

Bushmaster chain gun logo

Bushmaster Users Conference 2021

Bushmaster Chain Gun

Northrop Grumman to Supply XM813 Bushmaster® Chain Guns® for US Army Strykers

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