Protected: V2 Space Draft

Carina Nebula

Northrop Grumman provides end-to-end space capabilities to a broad range of customers, such as NASA, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force and a variety of commercial entities. Northrop Grumman will win the future of space. […]

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7.62x51mm Bushmaster® Chain Gun®

two tanks with Mk52 Bushmaster Chain Gun

The Mk52 is a superior small caliber chain gun, designed as a second gun on ground and naval platforms to defeat threats near the platform to conserve the medium caliber ammunition. […]

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25x173mm Bushmaster® Chain Gun®

M242 Bushmaster Chain Gun on Bradley tank

The M242 is the primary armament on the U.S. Army’s and allied Bradley Fighting Vehicle, as well as the U.S. Marine Corp’s Light Armored Vehicle, featuring dual-feed technology to fire 25×137 ammunition. It also adapts to many naval applications. […]

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35x228mm Bushmaster® Chain Gun®

man in tank with Bushmaster III Bushmaster® Chain Gun®

The Bushmaster III is a derivative of the combat proven M242 25mm Bushmaster automatic cannon. With increased range and payload, firing 35mm x 228mm ammunition from ground and naval platforms. […]

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Bushmaster Chain Guns

Bushmaster Chain Gun on front of tank

Northrop Grumman’s Bushmaster Chain Guns provide next generation, battle proven capability for a wide range of land, air and naval combat weapons platforms. […]

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Protected: Careers Kate Test

Woman wearing mask working on a computer

We are 90,000 people – with careers across all areas: air, cyber, land, sea and space. We work as one to defend and define the future through science, technology and engineering. […]

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Joy on the Manufacturing Floor

Hardware Cables

Lucille is an engineering manufacturing specialist who embodies and inspires joy on her shop floor. Affectionately known as “Miss Lucy” by her colleagues in Baltimore she is dedicated to advanced aircraft. “It’s a joyful thing,” she says. “Everyone comes together to get jobs done.” Those jobs can be many for Lucille, with her different hats […]

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Brawn, Brains and Beauty

A man works with a litening pod on a factory floor

Northrop Grumman is at the forefront of Industry 4.0. The latest industrial revolution is about leveraging four key digital technologies to optimize resources, enable faster decision making based on real-time data, and to produce higher quality products at a reduced cost. […]

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Sonoma Photonics Products and Capabilities

Processes Substrate Materials Applications Positive and Negative Tone Resists Dual Layer Lift-off Process Etch-back Process (wet & dry) Patterning of up to 1mm thick films Front to Back Alignment Capability Roll to Roll Capability GDSII and DXF compatible Flexible Kapton, Mylar 6″ to 36″ wide, 10 LF sections Rigid Glass, Polymer, Metal 0.5″ to 12″ […]

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Microelectronics – Space Park

Northrop Grumman Microelectronics Products and Services is a leader in the design and manufacture of III-V compound semiconductors for cellular, broadband and satellite wireless systems, as well as aerospace, defense and scientific applications. […]

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Advanced Technology and Innovation

woman smiling

The result of constantly questioning and problem solving? A shared purpose that puts Northrop Grumman on the forefront of innovation and advanced technology development, everywhere from below the waves to above the atmosphere. […]

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Northrop Grumman offers trusted microelectronics solutions and hardware to help shape a better, safer world. […]

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